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In Fiji, good surf points are reef breaks, and to most of the surf points you have to go by boat. We do surf trips by boat every day. Most of the time, we depart early in the morning. Daily surfing trips duration normally between 2 to 5 hr., so surf till you drop. As the owner himself is a serious surfer, we choose the best time and the best points.

We have a resident surf instructor if you ever want to learn how to surf. For beginners, we choose some easy points. A lifeguard accompanies all surf trips. We also have surfboards for rent and for sale. We have short boards but no long boards.


Closest to Tavarua & Namotu area from mainland

We are situated on the mainland and are the closest resort to the Tavarua & Namotu Islands world-class surfing points, just 10-15 minutes away by boat! We surf at Wilks, Desperation, Mini Break, Swimming Pool, and the world famous Cloud Break and Namotu Left. (Cloud Break and Namotu Left are Saturday morning only. Booking essential)

Surfing guide accompanied with you
We have several experienced surfer guides, so if you’ve never surf a reef by boat before, please do not hesitate and tell us. We can provide 2 guides for your surf trip, one on stand by in the boat for safety and the other surfing with you.

Surfer owns surf camp
We do surfing trip everyday.As the owner himself is a serious surfer, most trips depart early morning to catching the early waves.Daily surfing duration is normally between 2 to 5 hours, so surf till you drop.For the early bird surfers, breakfast is from 5:30am. - Fiji