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Exploring the Yasawa Islands

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Origen: Islas Yasawa - Fiji
Destination: Islas Yasawa - Fiji
Capacity: 10
The Yasawa Group is comprised of 16 volcanic main islands and numerous smaller islands, lying in a NE/SW direction- to the northwest of Lautoka, Viti Levu. These islands, from Waya and Naviti in the south to Yasawa in the north are scattered over 50 miles of ocean about 20 miles off the coast of Viti Levu. The Yasawas are dry and sun drenched with isolated white sand beaches, cliffs, bays and reefs.
A warm welcome from the Tui (Cheif of) Naviti
The Tui Naviti

Southern Yasawa 7-10 days
Northern Yasawa 10-14 days

From the Port of Lautoka our first stop will be at Soso Bay at Naviti Island where there is a church beautifully decorated with wooden carvings. There you will meet our friend the chief, The "Tui Naviti" and ask permission to snorkel on a nearby reef and swim with the manta rays, which are under the protection of the chief's clan. The ray's large pectoral fins allow them to "fly" above the reef with an elegance that is both mysterious and compelling.

If you are lucky you may also see a turtle in it's own habitat at Turtle Bay on the west side of Naviti Island.

In the village you will be walking into a living traditional culture. You will participate in a centries old kava ceremony, witness a "Meke" - a demonstration of ancient traditional dances. The chief's spokesman, the "Taranga Ki Koro" will personally escort you on a tour through the village. You may see tapa cloth manufactured, pandanus mats being woven, fish being smoked... Local herbal medicinal plants will be identified to you. You will eat a lovo (earth oven) feast prepared by the villagers.
From Soso Soso village we will continue north on the west side of Naviti Island where breathtakingly beautiful beaches and anchorages are numerous. Weather permitting we will stop along the way to snorkel on the wreck of a World War II Spitfire airplane. You, the guest, will set the pace. We will be destined for Nanuya-sewa anchorage otherwise known as the Blue Lagoon.

It was here in 1980 where the movie starring Brooke Shields was filmed. This anchorage is the most protected in the Yasawa group. If the weather deteriorates this will be our port of refuge. We will anchor off the east side of Tavewa Island to be closer to the best snorkeling reefs. From the summit of Tavewa you can witness spectacular ocean vistas particularly at sunset over the chain of islands stretching north and south and in the distance Viti Levu to the east. Tavewa island is freehold land populated with a mixed blood of 19 century Irish, and Scot beachcombers - Fiji's "part Europeans". The locals are very friendly. Scuba diving facilities are available on Tevewa where we can rent scuba equipment. Turtle Island Resort is located here on Nanuya Levu Island. This resort was started in 1972 by an American millionaire. Rooms go over $1,000 US a night and famous celebrities such as Ringo Starr and others have been guests here.

On the adjacent Matacawa Levu Island we will experience the true hospitality of the Fijian people on their own ground. If you wish we will arange for you to go night diving with the locals or during the day, trolling for skipjack tuna in a local boat. One night we will roast a pig or goat ashore on a deserted beach where the villagers will join us around our roaring fire with guitars and a kava bowl. After a couple of days exploring the reefs and hiking here, we will sail north along the shoreline of Nacula Island to Sawa-i-Lau Bay on the southern tip of Yasawa Island, the most northerly of the group. There are three villages on the shores of this bay. The main attraction here is the limestone caves which are illuminated by a crevice admitting light from the ceiling. You can swim in a clear deep pool in the cave. We will bring our diving lights. Swimming and snorkeling, of course, are excellent here as in every other destination you will be visiting.

Ratu Asaeli is a very articulate man, and proud of his Fijian traditions. He and his family will welcome you to his village. Yasawairara, on the northern tip of Yasawa Island, is in a devastating beautiful location. From here there stretches the vaste expanse of the South Pacific Ocean north across the equator to the Kiribati and Marshal Islands. The fishing, snorkeling and the beauty of the white sand beaches here cannot be matched anywhere. Your knowledge of the Fijian Traditional way of life will be completed under Ratu Asaeli's tutelage. From Yasawairara we will eventually have to return to the Blue Lagoon from where, depending on time restraints, we will sail south to the Port of Lautoka or you will take a float plane or the Yasawa Flyer – the fast boat - back to Lautoka or Denarau Marina, Nadi.

"The sea was surreal, huge in its beauty, bursting with life, a sea you could never describe, with waves five hundred to seven hundred feet long that broke over hundreds of feet without tumbling down the swells that bore them. Six days and six nights of taking one wave after another, drunk with exhaustion and amazement ... one after another ... a million times, with water everywhere ... water to infinity .... water all the way up to the steering dome at times...water that roared and sang with the same voice for six days and six nights, binding us to Joshua forever."
Bernard Moitessier, Tamata and the