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Exploring the Mamanuca Islands

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Origen: Mamanuca Islands - Fiji
Destination: Mamanuca Islands - Fiji
Capacity: 10
The Mamanuca Islands (19 kilometers from Nadi and Lautoka) lie behind a barrier reef, in an arc curving to the northwest, a short distance from the mainland of Viti Levu and almost connecting at their northwestern extremity with the southern Yasawa Island chain. There are more than 20 islands in the group - some of volcanic origin thrusting green jagged peaks into the trade wind sky, others are sand cays surrounded by white sand beaches and turquoise/green waters with spectacular fringing coral reefs.

Duration 3-7 days

SUGGESTED ITINERARY - Arrival - First Night - Accommodation at the Bekana Garden Island Resort, 20 minutes from the Nadi airport. The first night you arrive, relax in one of the 14 air-conditioned bures, facing a swimming pool, nestled in a tropical garden, seconds from the beach.
Yacht "Tavake" will be on her mooring, directly adjacent to the resort. The next morning you join the yacht for a two hour sail in protected waters to the Island of Malolo Lailai, the first of the Mamanuca Islands you will visit.

Malolo Lailai was once inhabited by fierce warriors, who ate their defeated adversaries. After cession of Fiji to Great Britain in 1874, it became a plantation, when an American Sailor in 1880 bought the 216 hectare island for one musket. Today under a constant blue sky it supports two exclusive resorts: Plantation Island and Musket Cove, started by Dick Smith who bought the island in 1964.

You will be welcomed ashore where you can swim, windsurf, sail, paddle a kayak, scuba dive, surf, fish, or go hiking on this strikingly beautiful and peaceful island. Here you can walk on one of the most perfect beaches in the world. Every night there is a barbecue ashore at the yacht club bar, where you will meet yachtsmen from all over the world, as Musket Cove is a favorite anchorage for cruising yachts. In June, most of the Auckland - Fiji yacht race fleet ends up here and it is here in September that the starting line-up of a 600 mile Fiji to Port Vila, Vanuatu, yacht race gathers. The preamble to the race is a week long party.

After departing Musket Cove, there are more resorts to visit as we sail northwest skirting the fringing reef of Malolo Island - Club Natasi Resort, and the off-lying Mana Island. (See the websites below of the resorts Tavake can take you to) You, on board will have to decide where we will stop as our cruise progresses: off one of the resorts or at a more secluded quiet anchorage.

There are many choices. After Mana Island we make a course for Yanuya Island across five miles of less protected waters where gaps in the barrier reef expose these waters to any westerly swell. Adjacent to Yanuya is Monuriki Island where Tom Hanks recently filmed the opening scenes in his film "Castaway". If you have seen the movie, now you can wiggle your toes on that perfect beach. The film crew have long departed and it will be quiet, peaceful and deserted. Here you will truly experience the peace and tranquility of the tropical South Pacific at it's very best.

The snorkeling is excellent on the adjacent coral reefs of Monuriki Island as it is in the many locations we will visit. The variety of colors of the marine life and the diversity of color and texture of the coral exceeds the imagination - you really have to see it to believe the wild combinations that nature has cooked up. One fish after another will pass you and the patterns of colors assaulting your senses will astonish you.
Eight miles north, in the most northern sub-group of the Mamanucas is a good anchorage, Navadra anchorage, protected in all winds except from the north. The islands surrounding this anchorage are all uninhabited except for a local population of goats. The locals believe this island group is haunted.

Snorkeling on the reefs and white sand beaches will dominate the activity schedule here. The peace and solitude ashore will provide all the entertainment you require, after the hustle and bustle of the resorts recently visited.

By now it will seem like you have just arrived but unfortunately it will be time to return the twenty five miles to the Viti Levu mainland or perhaps you will want to extend your charter and continue north into the Yasawa Group.