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Origen: Fiji - Fiji
Destination: Fiji - Fiji
Capacity: 10
Fiji's Diving sites
Fish garden
Start from white sandy bottom, welcomed by friendly sergeant fishes and numerous garden eels.
After passing coral patches covered by numerous pink and purple fairly basslets and sergeant majors, you will see hundreds of fishes like blue stripe snapper, banner fish, and red snapper staying on the mountains of hard coral, like a bed of flowers.
Great area for pelagics aswell.

10 minutes by boat / 18m

Plantation pinnacle
Amazing underwater tower suddenly arises from -26m to -8m in the middle of a sandy bottom.
Starting from the tunnel at the bottom, in a spiral course going up to the top.
The pinnacle attracts a great variety of coral fish species.
Pink soft coral cover the overhung, pelagics are dancing and falling to you like rain.
At the top of the pinnacle is a anemone fish garden, where you will see three types of anemone fishes.

15 minutes by boat / MAX.30m

Sunflower reef
Healthy cabbage coral spreads like a vegetable field.
Some looks like cabbage and another looks like cauliflower. Not only hard coral but also fishes are great in quantity here.
Friendly red bass (75 cm long) always stay nearby and swim up to say hello.
King mackerel are also often seen here. On the top of the reef is amazing, full of sergeant majors like a blizzard.

15 minutes by boat / MAX.18m

Coral garden
Start from shallow beautiful reef wih full of fishes, go down underwater white sandy beach.
You can see colourful soft corals, red,pink, purple, yellow,like a flower arrangement.
This is a diving site, which you can see variety fo corals, both soft and hard, plus lord of fish!

10 minutes by boat / MAX.18m